Brain Mapping Exploration

Brain Mapping Exploration

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Blackpool Arts For health 2

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Jo Berrys Brain Mapping Exploration, as Artist in Residence Nottingham University

Detail of part of a design drawing as Artist in Residence Nottingham University working with the Institute of Mental Health. Jo Berrys Brain Mapping Exploration.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Jo Berrys Brain Mapping Exploration

Great news and thankyou to Arts Council England for funding this unique Public Art Installation in Blackpool for 2014
JB is keen to develop strong relationships with Scientists at Nottingham University and diversify her knowledge through working with cutting edge research imaging projects. She has identified the Institute of mental Health an Internationally respected research organization at the forefront of medical knowledge in Mental Health to work with This future research period aims to extend and develop another aspect of scientific discovery through strong collaboration with scientists working on mental health disorders who use the latest technologies to understand functioning in the brain, specifically psychosis
The three themes that have been identified 1] Salience Network theme and its crucial switching mechanisms that activate two modes of thinking and behavior. 2] Anatomical theme, JB will look at Brain structures, investigating different folding patterns of the brain (normal and abnormal folding patterns), Investigate the Cingulam and Insula (structural differences between normal and abnormal brain structures) and brain stem which is not affected by psychosis. 3] Chemical theme, looking at both the positive and negative effects of dopamine and glutamate on the brains function .
The project aims to engage teenagers and families in Nottingham and Blackpool, two areas with high levels of risk factors for psychosis. ( JB has strong links with Blackpool Arts Team having successfully completed a Public Art Commission there last year for the Centenary Illuminations and will get strong support from them to realize an ambitious exhibition outcome in Blackpool which can be toured Nationally.)
1. The Exhibition will be part of Blackpool Illuminations September 2014 – November 2014. Lit Artwork will be designed to be placed in a Customised Cargo Container (An alternative Gallery Space) in a high profile venue in Blackpool. Potential sites in Blackpool are the new Blackpool Gateway site, completed 2014, or St Johns Square, or Blackpool Promenade. The Cargo Container artwork can be viewed both 24 hours a day.
The digital design drawings created, inspired by the neuroscientific images and data from this research period will be developed into a series of three dimensional prototype models. These will be further developed into a series of new fiberglass sculptural light pieces and laser cut cast acrylic artworks designed to inhabit this alternative public art space. 
Digital design drawings will be printed onto metal sheets fitted onto the inside and outside of the cargo container to relate neouroscientific data and imagery to more abstract sculptural artistic interpretations..
JB in collaboration with the scientists, will create visually exciting, informative interpretation panels which explain the research processes and artistic journey JB has undertaken during this project
2. “Jo Berrys’ Brain mapping Shop” September 2014 –November 2014
An empty shop, which will be transformed into “Jo Berrys’ Brain mapping Shop during the exhibition in the cargo container to add interest and longevity. This project will showcase artwork created by JB and all participants of the workshops offered during this project, including Service user groups such as the Thursday Group in Nottingham and the general public in Blackpool.
The artwork generated will be inspired by the rich visual images and information available from JB working with the Neuroimaging Group at IMH, and QMC. JB will present the images and the project and will work with participants to develop a series of artworks’ that are inspired by this research. Processes will include printmaking, textiles, light boxes and animation storyboards.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Blackpool Illuminations Fluted Pylons by Joanne Berry for the Centenary

Installation of Pylon 1, one of five pylons  to be switched on Wednesday 5th September 2012

JO BERRY has reinterpreted 5 fluted pylons using brightly coloured laser cut perspex discs mounted into fibre glass flutes. Each pylon will hold 5 new flutes, each with themes taken from the 1930s collections. Clever internal lighting will ensure that the details from the laser cut drawings will be projected on the glossy white flutes, to create a stunning series of contemporary lights.
A series of community engagement workshops have accompanied this new work.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

the alchemy of printmaking

details from final prints made on the hydraulic press -layering laser cut woodblocks and re-printing