Brain Mapping Exploration

Brain Mapping Exploration

Friday, 23 April 2010

22nd april 2010

I spent the day at Nottingham University in the Department of Bio medical Science - Today with Tim Self (Cheif Imaging Officer) I am looking at Cells with calcium -second messaging. The key thing we are trying to do is to see how calcium can be attatched to a cell and if it does what the reaction is -the cell "fires" as the calcium is released and the cells get brighter . Its so complex the process of getting the cells ready, everything is so precise -its really exciting and somewhat daunting how scientists investigate how medicines work in living cells. Most of the scientists and research students are young and trendy and very nice -its a very refreshing environment to be in . They work hard -you have to concentrate and be methodical -its very different to how I work as an artist - i break rules they follow-but they are inventive and creative-science is a very creative process-it allows you to ask questions.The maths thats something else too-i have never heard of a 'molar' until now! I am really interested in the methodologies and protocol they follow, the rigour of the experiments and visually for me its bliss. I am also interested in the cutting edge technology and the systems in place, that the scientists use and have developed to use at their optimun to look how cells react to medicines. After making films of how calcium reacts -we made Zed stack films of these we looked at 'internalisation'..

Monday, 19 April 2010

wellocome trust award 2010-2011

n artist
just started work in the labs at nottingham university where i am lloking at the hormone ghrelin and how it affects our appetite.working as a research scientist but no experience whatsoever of scientific practise i am an artist-really exciting working so directly with specialists who use technolgy in a diferent way