Brain Mapping Exploration

Brain Mapping Exploration

Sunday, 25 April 2010

more detail from lab work on april 22nd 2010

back to scientists experiments being logical and precise. You cant help but be in awe of the beauty of the images created -through this process you can see the fine definition of the cells -the intrinsic beauty of a living cell -they images created are unwordly, alive. Technology has allowed us to view a scientific experiment as a still or movie in incredible detail-you can see how the cells react when a mediicine in inserted .
Looking at calcium second messaging -stimulating the hormone 'Ghrelin' -its receptor with another Ghrelin 'downstream' to release calcium using a flourescent dye. From what I understand - THe key thing is the cells get brighter the more calcium is released . THe best cells to look at under the microscope are long tubulat shapes as they have settled well